26 Jun

The June Swoon Got Me


Ever have a bad month in the market? Me too! June was a rough one for me.

In January I made $26,364. Rocked February with another $26,720. Thought things would slow down but nailed another $24,230 in March. Banged out another $16,970 in April and followed that up with $25,392 in May. Going into June I didn’t think I’d have a losing month this year but the June swoon got me and I’m down $16,327 in June on 17 swing trades.

Amazing, after rocking the first 5-months of the year I got busted up in the S&P 500 pullback when I knew to get out of the way i.e. f r u s t r a t i n g FRUSTRATING!!!

I write a lot of letters bragging about my results to you guys and gals, but I honestly don’t think it’s bragging if it’s true. So when I lose, I man up and share the downside of this game too.

The good news is I’m up about $100,000 in 2013 or 30%. I could walk away today and I’ve doubled my $50,000 / year goal. But it’s weird, despite how good I’ve traded this year, it really pains me that I just had a bad month. Those of you who have been trading as long as I have know the feeling.

If you’re new to the market understand this, a good pro baseball player hits 3 out of 10 attempts meaning 70% of the time the outcome wasn’t the desired one. On Wall Street you need a strategy to stay on top because at times you will fall into a slump. Like a good ball player, you break a slump by getting back to the basics and working on your swing. Then you go out there and rattle off one hit at a time until you’re knocking them out of the park again.

More on how to break a trading slump here

I’ve always been the type of trader to talk about my wins and my losses. I subscribe to a dozen premium newsletters myself and I can’t stand the traders who pretend they don’t lose quietly sweeping the losses under the rug. June was a difficult environment to trade on Wall Street, I hope you came out on top but I sure didn’t.

There’s a 1-hour video lesson being loaded to my website detailing every mistake I made in June so you can learn from them. All the video lessons on how I made $100,000 in 2013 are there too.

More importantly, quarter 3 starts Monday July 1.

I made $77,314 in quarter 1 swing trading part time.

I made $20,635 in quarter 2 swing trading part time.

If I duplicate those results in quarter 3 and quarter 4, which I believe I will, now is an excellent time for you to join my newsletter and come out on top December 31, 2013.

The way I see it, my bad month is behind me and I have 6 strong months ahead. If you’re going to win on Wall Street, mindset is everything.

Sign up today so you have some time to settle in before we start quarter 3 Monday.

They say you are only as good as your last trade so right now I’m bad, but have no intention of staying that way for long. I’ll report back with July’s profit and I assure you, I’ll meet or exceed my $10,000 goal.

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  1. Sean

    I think its amazing how up front you are about your losses….only adds validation that you are the real deal and very LEGIT….TO LEGIT TO QUIT…kick some azz in July! Sean


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