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Watch List For April 11, 2011

JOEZ has run its course, is oversold and has value here. The stock took a hit over recent fourth quarter numbers and there appears to have been much over reaction on the sell side. They have $7 million cash on hand, with a very manageable debt load. I think the shares have very good potential to increase significantly over the next 3 months or more. A chart I’d compare it to would be my USAT alert. It’s trading sideways in the low $1 range after hitting bottom around $.80. I’ll look to act on this one soon if it continues to hold this price action in anticipation of the next run up.

TIV was on my watch list Friday morning and picked up a nice ‘pump’ from The Street on their breakout article Friday afternoon. Too bad we didn’t see that coming but it still has some potential in it. If shares hold $.75 this week then I’d say there is a decent short term chance of $1.00.

CPSL is a China based steel company starting to look very good to me around $1.60. Demand for steeling is going to be a big market in Japan for the next few years and CPSL manufactures the exact product line Japan will have a need for. With increasing revenues, a cash position of $14.2 million and a very manageable debt load. If I add, my short term goal will be just before $2.00.

GSP develops secure information exchange solutions and is gathering some steam from a recent U.S. Army contract and could very well move quickly if it picks up some steam. I’ll be watching this week for an entry now that the chart has pulled back from a recent run. Ideally I’d get shares around $2.30 and play into what could be a nice ascending triangle breakout around $2.85 as it builds back up.

I am considering CFW as a short term momentum play, although it’s up a bit already. The goal would be a quick 10% and don’t look back. It’s a risky play because it’s dependent on oil prices and the company has some financial problems.

I continue to keep a close eye on LQMT and PLPE for an entry. Liquidity on both is my immediate concern but I think we’re going to see it pick up here soon. A short term target on LQMT of $.80 is more than reasonable and there’s potential for a lot more if they come up with some good news. While it’s unlikely, we could see this one in the $.30’s if their PR department doesn’t start pumping out some better news. PLPE is a buy for me at $.80 and I’ll watch close for entry again after my quick flip last week from $.85 – $.94. I’d expect more strong news out of the company soon which would be the catalyst.

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