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Monday April 11, 2011

Holding 5k shares of GFRE at $5.97 and am looking for a bounce this week off the $5.50 support range. If it slips through support I’ll consider taking a loss but I don’t plan on doubling down. The second run from $5.50 support made a lower high which concerns me a bit. There remains a very large short position in this one so with any luck well get some timely news out of the company before getting stopped out. Short term goal of $6.75, possibly higher if it gains some momentum.

Picked up 10k of LOCM at $4.30 last week anticipating another squeeze Thursday because volume was making bursts all afternoon. Failed volume continuation into Thursday’s close and Friday picked up right where it left off. When shares broke the $4.15 support range I decreased the size of my position by 5k. I’ll hold my remaining 5k shares because I do believe a squeeze is eminent, I just misplayed the timing.

Still riding my 7k shares of CDXC at $1.60 and expect I’ll get 10% out of that soon. No updated really necessary here.

Picked up 420/5000 order on CAST last week at $6.05 and I may jump back on the bid in an effort to fill that order if it dips a bit today. Could be a big squeeze play just like GFRE although my timing on squeezes last was less than desirable.

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