19 Apr

Wednesday April 20, 2011


First, I am still running on no sleep from last night’s chat room install, please check it out… we’ll use it for evening classes starting soon. Text, voice, video, etc… it’s got it all. Better yet – no pumpers!!! Click here to check it out… it’s awesome!!! Just login like you would to any page on the website and it’ll automatically load you into the room with the name you signed up with. If you need  your name changed, email me please and I’ll do it for you right away.

Check out this asshole who decided to call me out in email today, does he deserve a slap? His comments below are more stupid than his email. This guy walked into the wrong inbox looking for a fight, I left public education so I don’t have to kiss ass anymore.

Oh, great news, the login issues we had last week are fixed. They were a result of the virus my server had from a hacker… which is why my email went down over the weekend too. So you should not have any trouble getting into the website moving forward.

Trading updates…

Sold USAT at $2.51 into the bullish short squeeze near close for a solid 8% gain… was hoping for $2.60 but have decided it’s best to lock in gains when they are there – period… oh wait, that’s my strategy lol. Anyway, my entry was $2.33 last Thursday so timing on USAT was good and to be honest the chart still looks great. I literally sold right at the close, so there was no time to send an alert. I know a lot of you already cashed in based on your emails… so nice job.

Sold 5k shares of ZLCS at $2.75 or 11% from my $2.48 alert Friday. Still holding my other 5k shares from my average up buy yesterday at $2.59 and I’ll look to sell those soon too. This has been nothing but a bull ride since the alert and absolutely love smooth sailing like this.

If you look at today’s 1 minute chart, YMI opened at $3.07, pulled back to $2.92 in the first 25 minutes and then charged back up the chart over the next hour breaking the open at $3.07 which is when I bought at $3.08. Hence the technical momentum alert. Once the momentum stalled my catalyst was gone so I sold for a quick 3% loss. You need to understand this is part of my strategy… the chart made a technical break and that is strength I try to buy into. When it works it can pay big if the stock takes off, like 10% right away. So while a 3-4% loss isn’t anything I like, the upside will pay much better when I pick the right momentum break.

Also dabbled in FCSC today picking up 10k shares at $1.08 looking for a momentum bounce. I went out in chat but I wasn’t confident sending it to the whole list – possibly ESYL type stuff if  you know what I mean. Anyway, it didn’t continue to go up right away so I sold 5k shares immediately at $1.05 and am hoping the other 5k shares will bounce tomorrow for a nice quick flip.

This morning I shared how I picked up 1m shares of MDFI Monday right before the close. It didn’t go out by text or email cause it was up 30% already and it was a big gamble based on intuition. See as it continued to climb into Monday’s close I suspected it would run Tuesday morning, as detailed in my blog post. It’s amazing what your hear when you surf the message boards like I do, we all need to do more of this. So before the market even opened I was up over $5k on the gap and close to $8k when it started running. But… I set my sell at $.018 and it pulled back at $.017. I sold half or 500k at $.016 on the way down, added 500k at $.012 thinking it would bounce and sold 1m at $.01 after it didn’t bounce. What’s the lesson here… we need to find a few of these a month and I should have sold everything at $.016 right away. Now that the chat room is up and running smooth… I’ll share this stuff there and eventually by instant message which is on my list of things to do.






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