16 Feb

Bond Blow Ups Is FREE… But Not For Long


In the first 6-weeks of 2013 my verified realized profit is $43,364. I can teach you this.

I have thousands of premium clients, 17,208 Twitter followers, 66,324 Facebook likes and just about as many free clients on this email list.

Why should you care?

The next 200 free clients to go premium get Bond Blow Ups FREE!

Let me explain…

On Saturday January 26, 2013 I introduced my latest service Bond Blow Ups, advertising it FREE to the first 100 who signed up for Bond Swing Trades. The concept was so hot, 117 free clients became premium clients within a few days so I moved it to a wait list so I could test drive the new service with them.

>>> What is Bond Blow Ups? <<<

I’m looking for only about 8-10 trades a month and those are not my typical bread and butter 5%+ trades… I’m swinging for the fences on these and they could explode. They are high risk / high reward, and very exciting plays.

How’s it going so far you’re wondering? I bought and alerted BIOF at $4.49.


I taught in NYS public schools for 10 years, have a Master’s in Education and assure you, I am highly qualified to teach you how to do this.

So here’s the deal, Bond Blow Ups will go on sale Friday March 1, 2013 for $147 quarterly BUT the next 200 free clients to go premium will get Bond Blow Ups FREE! Like I said, I’m up $43,364 in verified realized profits so far this year trading part time. This is worth learning about.

>>> This works for SMALL ACCOUNTS and is scalable for big account <<<

 For example, take a look at my client Mark…

 Mark made 40% on BIOF, my Bond Blow Ups alert. He used $4,640 to make $1,889 in a week. Who couldn’t use an extra $1,889 in a week or a month? 


Only 200 seats available from the moment I send this email. Last time 100 sold out in just a few days and I received a least 100 emails asking me to make it free once more before going live. Again, I’m up 16% on the portfolio in 2013 with that $43,364… I could stop trading now, 6-weeks into 2013 and there’s a good chance I’ll beat the S&P 500 for the entire year.

This exclusive limited-time offer will not last long. 200 FREE and then it’s $147 quarterly.

Press the blue button below if you’d like learn more or get Bond Blow Ups FREE, like Mark, who just made 40% or $1,889 on 1 Bond Blow Ups trade.

join now

Here’s the original January 26, 2013 blog post which provides more details about Bond Blow Ups. Shortly after this was announced 117 signed up and I closed the doors, this will be the last time you can get this for FREE before the official launch on March 1, 2013.


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