2 Aug

Stop Day Trading!


Here at Jason Bond Picks I offer a swing trading service and a day trading service. Each has its own lessons and webinars to prepare clients for battle on Wall Street. Each day a handful clients sign up, many of which are brand spanking new to Wall Street. My advice to these clients is always the same – DO NOT DAY TRADE until you are a proficient swing trader. I have years of experience day trading, as to many of my clients in the chat room.  I’m proficient at what I do and trade for big profits regularly, but I didn’t just open and E*Trade account and start there.. Having said that, the biggest problem I see new clients get into is watching big scores and thinking it’s easy. I have the utmost confidence in myself… I’m an accomplished day trader, one of the few I’ve seen win but if you have little to no training it’s simply not wise to jump in that fight just yet so exercise restraint and discipline or Wall Street will eat you up.

I’ve built a fool proof swing trade strategy that’s much easier to learn and execute than day trading so if you are new, start there. No it’s not a get rich quick strategy but if you’re looking for $50,000 a year in profits, I’ve proven it works. As a matter of fact, genius James Altucher agrees so again, before you go guns blazing… master swing trading and then proceed to day trading if you’re motivated for another challenge. You might think I’m nuts telling you to slow down given I sell a day trading service, but trust me, I’m 100% confident the swing trade strategy I have not only works, but if you master it you’ll be more prepared to learn from me about day trading. Remember, 90% of day traders lose, you don’t want to be in that category. I want you here at Jason Bond Picks for life so slow down and listen close to what James says about swing trading at the end i.e. video lesson 1 8)

GREAT VIDEO – it’s hard to argue with Altucher here!



  1. SamiSabir-idrissi

    haha.. i hear that. “stay away from day trading. you’ll lose your friends, you’ll lose your wife, your family, and lose your money.” haha im thankful for Luke for being on the money and now minimizing the amount of trades per day in day trading to maximize our profits. i tried to day trade, yet my experience is not effecient enough, but swing trading….. i love it.

    thanks JB! You are the man with extreme Integrity !

  2. JosephNinowski Jr

    JB…That is gold right there…one of the best lessons you’ve shared with us your minions…er…um…pupils…:) Seriously…that sound bite is priceless. Thank you for sharing that!

    • Jason Bond

      Clients as I like to call them Joseph 8) and thanks for saying so.

  3. JohnWilliams

    Great post…as a new subscriber, its very easy to get worked up seeing others make $ and want to pull the trigger. But just because I can watch Michael Jordan on TV doesn’t mean I can walk outside and slam dunk a basketball from the free throw line. Patience definitely is a virtue early on, and the tools you provide give PLENTY of info to focus on. Only a few weeks into the service and very happy I joined.

    • Jason Bond

      Excellent analogy John, so true. Thanks for saying so about joining, always makes me happy to hear that. I’ll work hard to keep it that way.


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